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The Ford Fiesta has been one of the best selling models from the Ford range and has gone through many changes over the years. Long gone have the days of a unreliable small square car, the new Fiesta is a good solid little run around.

The whole new Ford Fiesta range has an attractive exterior with bold fresh lines and its wide selection of trims and fabrics give a sence of commodious and sophistication.

mike b 

I think the new fiesta is one of the best small cars in the uk, especially the diesel engines, good economy and comfortable to drive. would reccommend to anyone in the market for one. love them

mike b - 14th Jan 2011 08:02:40
Keith from Essex 
Much too pricey and a bit noisy!

It is a lovely little car, quite roomy and its quite sharp looking but its not worth the price tag! Almost 9k for the entry model, this not very competitive with other cars on the market especialluy when you look how quickly it depreciates.

It is also a bit noisy when you get it upto speed on the motorways.

Keith from Essex - 18th May 2008 13:13:19
Sweet little car, very reliable

My first impression of the Ford Fiesta wasn't very good, my girlfirend had 2 fiestas over 2 years and I lost count of how many times I had to come out to tow her home. My cousins had a mk1 Fietsa and then engine burnt out after 46,000 miles. Ford became a swear word in my family with a moto of "Friends don't let friends drive Fords".

However about a decade later I met my wife who had a 2003 Ford Fiesta and I was very surprised how reliable and solid it felt, it ran like a dream! I even drove it to Wales and back with no worries about the engine blowing up! Ford have taken an dodge vehilce and turned it into a sweet little dream. Its no Mercedes but its a lovely little car!

Julian - 17th May 2008 17:11:53
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